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I bought this rangefinder for my son to use on his high school golf team based on its good reviews and low price. He used it today for the first time and said it was “amazing!” He told me it’s very easy to use, fast to give a yardage, and extremely accurate. Very happy with this purchase.


This is the best golf ranger finder I have purchased, easy to use, compact, accurate, long battery life, strong optics. Slope mode is interesting and useful in club selection. Good value with multiple scan mode!

Zhou Li

I was skeptical when I purchased this as I used a top brand for the past several years that just failed. I have used it for two rounds and it works great. I put it side by side with a friend's $500.00 unit and got the exact same numbers. Quickly picks of the pin and other targets, super light weight, and the slope feature is nice and appears to work.

Kimberly A Buckingham