Do you really need a golf rangefinder to play golf?

Many golfers can think that do they really need a golf rangefinder in the course. Especially, the beginners think about this. They think if I can play golf without a rangefinder, I can save more money. I don’t know why they say that. Rangefinder is now an essential device that every golfers should have. Let me explain it.

What is a golf rangefinder?

Golfers use a rangefinder to have a clear idea about the distances of the target (generally flag). Do you know what is a rangefinder? A rangefinder is a device that measures the distance of a target from the observer. It can be used on different fields like golf, hunting, forestry etc.

Why do you need a golf rangefinder?

Let’s end this right now. You are worthy! If you love to play golf and you’re willing to shell out the money to play, then you should have a golf rangefinder. You don’t have to have the one with the most bells and whistles; in fact your best bet is probably something with basic information that’s very easy to use.

What can a golf rangefinder do for you?

1. You’ll get a much better understanding of how far you really hit each club.

2. When you do hit those good shots, you’ll be rewarded by being on the green instead of in the front bunker.

3. You’ll never be indecisive about what club to hit because you’re not really sure how far you are or how far you hit it.

4. There’s never any need to search for a marked sprinkler head. You’ll always have the distance you need right where you are.

5. As a result of all these factors, you’ll probably see your scores improve in a fairly short time!

What types of golf rangefinder is the best for you?

Well, now you know why we need a golf rangefinder to play golf. There is three kind of rangefinder that golfers use:

1. Laser rangefinder

2. GPS watch

3. GPS handheld

So which one is the best golf rangefinder for you?

Let me explain:

Laser Rangefinder

Laser Rangefinders will give you the most accurate yardage to any target you can see, within several hundred yards. Most have magnification capabilities and are as easy to use as a point-and-shoot camera. Rangefinders will work on any golf course in any conditions and their batteries will last many rounds. However, sometimes it is difficult to use a laser rangefinder during a foggy or a rainy day. But I personally feel comfortable with laser rangefinder as it has better accuracy.

GPS watch

GPS watches are the latest innovation in distance finding devices, combining style and functionality with convenience. They will tell time, automatically recognize the course and give you distances to the front, center and back of the greens and more. This kind of device is also very effective during rainy or foggy days as it uses GPS technology. 

GPS handheld

Hand held GPS units, like other technological devices are becoming more and more compact while providing more features than ever before, such as easy-to-read color touch screens and stat-tracking.

If you are a regular golfer or just started your career, you can use the laser type. In fact, this type of rangefinder is most-using rangefinder nowadays. Or if you love to play with style, you can choose golf GPS watch.


If you are planning to play an accurate shot, I will suggest you to use a rangefinder. You will get better idea about a shot by using a golf rangefinder.


----By Anna Bush